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They build boats for fishermen, their families and the endless conditions they encounter. Complete with unsinkable foam filled panga hulls and the highest grade marine materials available, we're positive you'll be pleased with the durability and quality built into every Panga Marine boat.

The Panga design is a unique style of boat that has peeked the interest of fisherman world-wide.

Built By Fishermen, For Fishermen:

A passion for fishing is what has lead us to boat building. After many years of enjoying and marveling over these boats in the Yucatan, the owners of Panga Marine decided to bring one back to Florida to enjoy here.

What we realized is that the panga design is a true go anywhere boat. From the flats to the deep blue, rest assured this fine fishing machine will be your guide in the pursuit of your enjoyment. A boat that can do it all must have a heavy price tag? Our panga is actually more affordable than any other boat in it's class.

Attention to detail is built into every pangamarine boat. Whether you're out for a day of serious fishing or for a cruise on the bay with your family, quality construction and safety have been our primary consideration.

The Boats:
Islamorada 18 (Brand New!)
Marquesas 22
Andros 26

Panga Marine Factory
2230 Industrial Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34234


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