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When Bob Hewes started building boats his goal was simple -- create the best all around, light tackle shallow-water boat available. Today, that goal hasn't changed but almost everything else has. Over fifty years of experience has taught us a lot about building light tackle boats. That experience and passion is expressed nowhere better than the new Hewes models.

These boats are lighter, stronger, faster and safer with revolutionary new hull designs, state-of-the-art construction techniques, and more fishing-smart features than any other shallow-water boat on the market.

The Hewes Redfishers are truly angler inspired. They are designed and constructed with the absolute latest in marine technologies and materials. Each boat has been substantially improved from both a technology and fishing point-of-view. Our ideas and methods are all tested on the water, in real world fishing conditions by the Hewes factory teams. That's why the handcrafted skiffs built by Hewes perform better, are more versatile, easier to maintain, traditionally hold higher value and are just plain better boats to own.

What hasn't changed about the new models is the Hewes spirit and over 50-year legacy of experience, innovation, quality and value. These things will always be standard features in our boats.

The new Redfishers are available in three model configurations the 16', 18', and the 21'. These Redfishers are classified as true backcountry boats, designed for the specific fishing challenges the backcountry presents...shallow water, longer runs, spin, plug, livebait and trolling motor fishing.

They feature breakthrough design and construction improvements, plus many new backcountry-friendly features. With added focus on dry storage, livewells, and shallower draft, these latest generation Redfishers deliver enhanced speed, range, and performance, along with less weight and added strength. The new Redfishers may be the most versatile, solidly built backcountry skiffs ever made.

• Redfisher 16
• Redfisher 18
• Redfisher 21

Tailfisher 17:

The 17 Tailfisher is the latest addition to the Hewes family of backcountry fishing boats. Hewes has incorporated the latest design technology in tunnel hulls available on the Tailfisher. Specifically designed for the extreme shallow water fishing environment, the Tailfisher is also packed with great features. Just take a look at the all new deck configuration with storage space for all of your gear and an oversized live well for your largest catch. The Tailfisher delivers superior performance, even with smaller power options, it is economical to own, easy to maintain, and delivers better shallow water performance than any other shallow water tunnel skiff in its class.

This new shallow water skiff is built to exacting NMMA/ABYC standards and is exceptionally safe boats, spacious and accommodating. Like all Hewes it comes standard with a self bailing cockpit as well as other essential fishing features like extra wide gunnels and built in rod racks. Check out the all new 17 Tailfisher at your nearest Hewes dealer.

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