Fort Pierce Billfish Derby and Tournament
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Fort Pierce Billfish Derby and Tournament

1/5/06 - 1/8/06

Enjoy the best of Ft. Pierce Sportfishing, compete against world class anglers, enjoy tournament friendly rules, all brought to you in the comforts of the Ft. Pierce City Marina. We fished our first tournament in January of 2004. We released 236 fish in 3 days on 11 boats.

The founding committee:
• Capt Glenn Cameron, Floridian, 43' Torres
• Capt Mike Everly
• Capt Mike Brady, Viking 56, Viking Corporation
• Hans Kraaz, Vintage, 58' John Bayliss

The theme: Big Boats, Big Money, and Big Competition!

Derby Rules:

The Format
This is a dead bait, trolling tournament. No individual recognition or prizes will be awarded for top anglers. Cash awards and trophies will be given for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place boats. This is a 3 day Tournament with no lay days.

Professional crews are permitted and encouraged to fish. We say, "Bring your Dream Team!"
The entry fee is $5,000. and the optional Calcutta is $5,000 and will be managed by the tournament. The tournament will retain 10% of the entry fee for expenses. Beyond that, the payout is 50/30/20. The Calcutta will feature large dailies and then 50/30/20 after the dailies. There is also a cash award for the first and last billfish realeased in the tournament from the Calcutta side.

There are no limits as to who can fish or how many anglers can fish in a given boat. Professional crews are welcome and encouraged to fish. We say, “Bring your Dream Team!”
Any billfish successfully released will score 100pts.

Vessels must be a minimum of 30’ in length to participate. Vessels must carry a comprehensive insurance policy and all participants, crew, and abservers must sign a hold harmless agreement.
We have no meat fish categories.

Tournament Rules
IGFA rules apply with the following exceptions:
Leaders not to exceed 15 ft. (including wind on) in length regardless of line test.
Once you have hooked a fish, you may rest the rod to play another fish. A hooked fish may not be handed off to another angler.

No live bait. No live bait teasers. No chumming. No backing down on schools of Billfish. No casting or pitching of baits.

A release is valid and scored when the leader has touched the rod tip or a mate has control of the leader in his hand. The observer must see and record all releases.

Conventional gear only. No spinning tackle permitted.
A maximum length 15ft. leader is required. Your observer will measure your leaders at the beginning of each day.
No limit on number of lines out in spread.
No limit on # test spooled on reels.
Circle or J Hooks permitted.
No treble hooks.

North-43700 (off Melbourne in 150ft)
South-43000 (off Jupiter inlet in 150ft)
East- no boundary
Automatic Team DQ if fish are called in out of bounds.

Fort Pierce City Marina 800.619.1780
(772) 464-5885
(772) 464-6907 FAX


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